We provide IT solutions, systems integration and software development services and have continuously expanded and diversified the services and solution portfolio to become one of the largest solution providers in Albania and the region. 


InfoSoft Systems provides IT solutions, systems integration and software development services. We started operations in the Albanian market back in 1991. Since then, we have continuously expanded and diversified the services and solutions portfolio to become lately one of the largest solution providers in Albania and the region.
InfoSoft Systems counts more than 180 employees, most of them are system engineers, developers and DevOps engineers. Technological Development is the biggest department, employing highly qualified people who provide seamless solutions to our customers across the wide range of services that we offer.
  • InfoSoft Systems was founded (1991)
    InfoSoft Systems began its history in 1991 as an IT company founded by a few engineering enthusiasts.
  • First project delivered (1993)
    The first projects were the implementation of simple IT services, which brought the company the expertise to develop the business. This included reselling and installation of hardware, computers, printers and servers.
  • Relocation (1999)
    The company successfully performs as one of Albania’s first IT companies. After creating a reputation in the Albanian market, the team moves to a new office space and building (Gjergji Center) where we still operate today.
  • Expanding the scope of work (2000)
    In the following period, by the end of the 20th century, InfoSoft Systems gradually expanded the scope of work it dealt with and successfully implemented several complex IT solutions and built partnership with international companies such as: Microsoft, IBM, HPE, Oracle and Cisco.
  • AGis The creation (2003)
    AGis Business was the trademark in ownership by InfoSoft Systems registered at the Albanian Patents and TradeMarks General Office. In 2003, AGis was certified “Designed for Windows XP” and in 2007 for Windows Vista Premium.
  • Quality Management System Standard (2005)
    InfoSoft Systems introduces ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, a non-industry specific certification that indicates and gives guidelines on how to implement and maintain a quality management system.
  • Marked 100 employees (2009)
    In this period, InfoSoft Systems started hiring mostly young engineers from technical faculties and started expanding in the market in the coming years. In 2009, it reached a round figure of 100 employees.
  • Expansion into new markets Pristina, Kosovo (2014)
    After establishing the company with successful solutions for the public and private sector in Albania, InfoSoft Systems enters the field of information security - and over the next years, it expands further into the region establishing a branch in Pristina, Kosovo.
  • Expansion into new markets North Macedonia, Skopje (2016)
    With the establishment of InfoSoft Systems in Kosovo, it also expanded into the North Macedonian market. This year is also remembered as the end of the period of organic growth and the point at which the company started with a new business development strategy.
  • 30 years of business in InfoSoft Systems (2021)
    In 2021, InfoSoft Systems celebrated its thirtieth, jubilee birthday, primarily by celebrating people: all individuals and teams and their contribution to the success and growth of the company.


  • Lead the IT market with integrity, foster the innovation and ignite people`s enthusiasm and passion about what we do.
  • Promote and help our customers to safe – transition their IT technologies through the digital transformation era.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering successful projects through highly qualified and experienced IT Service Management Team.


  • Operating based on our core values and the highest standards of business ethics
  • Meeting all customer demands with dedication in providing quality service
  • Attaining vast expertise in newest and the-state-of-art technologies
  • Motivating the success and professional development of our employees

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