Engagement MODEL

Contracting Model

Main Contractor

As a main contractor, InfoSoft Systems is awarded by the customer whose bid has been accepted. InfoSoft System must: plan, manage, monitor, and coordinate the entire construction phase.


In an open tender, InfoSoft Systems offers guarantee to perform the services. A contractor can be committed to work with the existing IT team to handle a mass migration from one system to another.


In InfoSoft Systems, there is subcontracting when a client trusts another entity to perform part of the work. Subcontractors can also subcontract some elements of the work or services they are required to perform.

Staffing Services

Team extension

Team extension at InfoSoft Systems is the process of finding IT staff with the right culture for all services we offer. The biggest advantage of choosing team extension is keeping control over the whole team and new development.

Dedicated Team

The dedicated team at InfoSoft Systems is a model for a long-term cooperation between a client and the IT development team. The main purpose of this model is to hire a team that will cover the necessary knowledge to provide all IT services.

Short-term Lease of Technology

We will provide several years of experience from our staff in order to meet your requirements such as: reduce labour costs, develop internal staff, keep oriental control, focus on your core business activities and start new projects constantly.

Engagement Model

Time and Material

Accurately evaluating any project is a challenge. That is why we offer this engagement model where a client pays only for the number of resources inducted in a project with the number of hours spent, no matter how long the completion takes.

Fixed Scope

When conducting a project, fixed scope is one that has a specific set of features. A fixed price engagement model is the one where the project scope is complete and asks for project development and completion with a fixed timeline.

Engagement Cycle

Supply of Goods and Services

At InfoSoft System, we offer you high-end IT services and deliver quality solutions that meet your requirements by developing key in-house software & working with international partners and ensure the quickest resolution possible to any issues raised.

Managed Services

Our team makes sure that your technological investment yields quantifiable outcomes. Our flexible and responsive managed services guarantee that your solution will continue to work as intended and will provide the desired end-user experience.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources. Our services include expansion of existing capacities, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Continuous Data Protection (CDP).

Application as a Service

Applications are hosted on a server, managed by InfoSoft Systems and delivered remotely to user’s device. As it is server-hosted, all updates, configurations and security measures for the application are applied on the server instead of each endpoint device.