In a dynamic age where technology is rapidly changing, you will find a specialized staff that is up to date with the latest knowledge in the BI industry as well as programming languages and main systems. Our BI services will help you optimize your capabilities by turning your data into dynamic reports that will direct you to business trends to adapt faster to the dynamic industry environment where you operate.

Business Intelligence Analytics Solutions

Smart Data & Decision-Making Power

We implement cutting-edge, customized solutions that resolve your immediate business challenges while preventing future ones. Our methodology centers around a collaborative approach, whereby we listen to your needs and work with you to co-create a Business focused solution that exceeds your expectations.

Microsoft Partner in Data Analytics

We analyze your business data to provide actionable insights and add value, empower you to adopt a data-driven approach, allowing you to make better business decisions. We believe that Innovation is the result of successful people, processes and technology that enable a new level of productivity & performance. Our highly experienced team can deliver smarter and more innovative processes to meet the rising quality standards expected by customers, improving productivity and performance across organizations.

Enable Data Driven Decision Making

We use the industry leading capabilities of Microsoft Power BI to transform your raw data into real-time, valuable information. We use your data to deliver meaningful insights and display the results in stunning visuals within a range of reports and dashboards that are designed specifically for your organization.

This BI solution empowers everyone in your organization to discover their own insights hidden in your data. The up-to-the-minute analytics enables everyone to make confident business decisions.

Increase Process Efficiency

Our team of experienced consultants can examine the processes within your organization and identify areas for improvement. Our consultants will use their expertise and toolkit of methodologies to implement improvements and increase the efficiency of your processes.

Having streamlined, efficient processes will help you to monitor and control the quality of your operations, increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

Our BI services activities rely on the following technologies:

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Integration Services

SQL Serves Analysis Services (Multidimensional/Tabular)

SQL Server Reporting Services

Microsoft Power BI

Integration with Microsoft Excel

SSBI with Microsoft Excel Tabular Power Pivot