Enterprise Networking

Design, implementation, and maintenance of solutions based on routing and switching for LAN, MAN, and WAN networks of various sizes. These solutions address several network components, including Access, WAN, and Data Centers.

Software Defined Networking

Design, implementation, and support of software-defined networking solutions. These solutions address several network components: Access, WAN, and Data Centers, and their main goal is to provide automation and control for various activities from a single administration point.

Network Security

Network security consists of the policies, processes and practices adopted to prevent, detect and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources.

Application Control & Delivery

Application control, high availability, and security solution design, implementation, and support. These solutions give the customer the flexibility to manage and regulate application traffic within a single site or across several sites based on performance, availability, and security.



Create and build a high-performance, secure enterprise wireless LAN solution that supports Wi-Fi 6. Mobility, IoT, location services, network analytics, monitoring, and visibility across all people and devices are all things we offer to our customers.


The collaboration platform (WebEx platform) offers smart working and customer pleasure with simple provisioning, administration, and secure communication. Endpoints for unified communication, contact centers, conferencing, and collaboration make teamwork easier.

Video Surveillance

Implement video surveillance systems to enhance security and corporate performance. We provide our clients with a broad range of network video surveillance solutions, including cameras, encoders, recorders, analysis, and apps, as well as video management software.

Converged Networking

Solutions that consolidate LAN and SAN networks, simplifying data center infrastructures and providing storage and traditional IP-based data communications networks onto a single converged Ethernet network.